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Door-to-Door Air FreightLast Update: 7/4/2020


First 1 kg

Subsequent 1 kg

West Malaysia
MYR 50 MYR 32
West Malaysia
(Tax included)
MYR 50 / kg
East Malaysia
Not available
Clearance included, express's delivery fee included, tax not included
Terms & Conditions
Taiwan air freight uses the "volumetric" weight calculation (Picture Guide on Volumetric Formula)
  • Length x Width x Height / 6000, the number obtained is known as the "volumetric weight ", and then compare with "actual weight" to ascertain which is greater, the higher weight is used to calculate the shipping fee.
Note 1: Less than 1 kg would be calculated based on 1 kg (eg: 8.01 kg = 9 kg)

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