Sensitive / Prohibited Items

In international shipment, products are generally classified into three major categories: Normal, Sensitive, and Prohibited Items.

Normal Items: normal items such as clothing, daily necessities, and stationery, can be shipped through regular channels.

Sensitive Items: Electronic products, liquid goods (such as cosmetics and food), knives, etc. These items require specialized channels for sensitive shipment.

Prohibited Items: Refers to items that may endanger transportation safety, or threaten the health or property of others. Such items are strictly prohibited from being shipped.

Why is it necessary to understand the nature of products?

The customs inspection process for Normal and Sensitive Items is different. If you deliver Sensitive Items through the Normal Items channel, these outcomes may happen:
1. The parcel will be returned to China's warehouse, and the Sensitive Items fees and delivery fee will be paid again
2. You will be fined by the customs
3. Parts of the merchandise or your entire parcel will be confiscated by the customs
4. You will be arrested by the police.

For prohibited items, they are not allowed for shipment. If the warehouse discovers prohibited items in a parcel, it will be directly rejected, and the customer may be blacklisted.

Please note that due to the potential losses and liabilities arising from the above issues, customers are solely responsible, and BuyMall is not responsible for any of these matters.

As there is a wide variety of sensitive and prohibited items, here are some examples of common products for your reference.

If you are unsure about the nature of your products, don't hesitate to get in touch with customer service and provide the following information for better assistance:
1. Product name, picture, or product link.
2. Quantity and value of the products.

*If one of your items contains Air Freight Sensitive Items, the parcel must be declared when you generate it.

*For RM 120 per unit of Extraordinary Sensitive Fees, kindly consult customer service before making an order.

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