BuyMall "Safe+" The first ever in the industry, and the one and only company with full compensation on sea freight

What is "Safe+"?

Safe+ is launched by BuyMall, the latest service specially for the VIP sea freight customers! If any items are lost in the process of transportation, we will give full compensation according to the declared value of your item! No kidding, it's full compensation! This is the first ever in the industry, and the one and only company with full compensation on sea freight! Shop hassle-free now with BuyMall VIP Sea Freight Service!

Terms and conditions of "Safe+"

1. "Safe+" is only available for "VIP sea freight". This service is not available for "Economic sea freight". Please click here to find out what is VIP sea freight and economic sea freight?

2. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops are the valuable items that are "not insured" by the Safe+. If customer send out contraband such as wine, cigarettes, biological products, powdered products, animals, drugs, counterfeit banknotes and other things which do not comply with the laws and regulations of our country, they will not enjoy the Safe+.

3. The scope of the Safe+ is only within the process from the confirmation signed by the BuyMall warehouse until the delivery to the customer's hands (those that are lost in the warehouse before they are signed are not under BuyMall’s responsibility). The amount of compensation for the missing parcels is based on the "total price" of the Buy-For-Me items or the "declared price" of the Ship-For-Me items. The amount of compensation "does not include" Buy-For-Me fees, GST, insurance fee and sea freight shipping fee.

4. For all Ship-For-Me items, the compensation are made according to the "declared price", so it is strongly advised that customer quote the "actual price".

5. In order to avoid the problem that the customer thought something is missing which actually because of the seller overlooked some shipment, we will check the volume and weight of each item after we receive them. We will also check the volume and weight before sending them out. Customers can determine whether the shipment is overlooked by the seller or not according to the weight shown by the system. Let’s say the items should be 12kg, we received it in 8kg and the customer received it in 8kg too, then the customer should deal with the seller.

6. We do not provide unpacking service for sea freight items. If the customer finds out that the items might be missing because the parcels are unpacked before or as such when receiving the items, you should confirm of details on the receipt while receiving the items, and take a photo of the items in front of the courier as an evidence to send it to BuyMall customer service, so that we can determine the responsibility at once and deal with the subsequent procedures for claiming.

7. Safe+ is the service we launch so that the customer can shop at ease. We hope that customers can uphold the principle of integrity, do not commit fraud. If there is a fraud with conclusive evidences, we will not hesitate to seek the assistance of the police to severely punish the fraudulent person. For this, please do not push your luck to commit such a crime. Honesty is the basis of being a person, let’s do this together and make the world a better place.

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