What is Safe+?

Safe+ is a service provided by BuyMall specifically for our customers. It is designed to offer full compensation for parcels sent from China in the event of loss during the shipment process. In simple terms, if the purchased items go missing from the time they are received at the BuyMall warehouse until they are delivered, regardless of whether the loss is due to mishandling at the BuyMall warehouse or customs inspection, BuyMall will compensate the full declared value of the items. It is important to note that BuyMall is the first and only provider of such a full refund guarantee service in the freight forwarding industry.

Terms and Conditions:

Eligibility: The Safe+ service applies only to parcels for which insurance has been purchased. Automatically, items purchased through Buy-For-Me are eligible for the Safe+ service.

Excluded Items: High-value items such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops are not covered by Safe+. Parcels containing prohibited items, including alcohol, cigarettes, animals, drugs, counterfeit money, etc., will not be eligible for the Safe+ service.

Compensation Scope: Compensation covers the period from the confirmation of received at the BuyMall warehouse to the delivery to the customer. The compensation is based on the declared value of the items in the system, excluding Buy-For-Me fees, insurance fees, and other service charges such as shipping fees.

Declared Values: For Ship-For-Me items, it is recommended to declare the actual value of the items to ensure comprehensive compensation. For items purchased through Buy-For-Me, the declared value will be based on the total price of the Buy-For-Me order.

Advice for Receiving Parcels:

- In case of missing items in the parcel, customers are advised to compare the weight and volume recorded in the system with the received parcel's weight and volume to determine if there was a seller omission.

- If there are signs of unpacking with the parcel or if items are missing, customers should note it on the confirmation receipt and take photos as evidence in front of the courier. This evidence should be sent to BuyMall customer service for the subsequent claims process.

Safe+ is a service introduced by BuyMall to provide customers with peace of mind during their shopping experience. Customers are encouraged to uphold principles of integrity, and any attempt to defraud the guarantee system will be reported to law enforcement to maintain fair shopping practices. Honesty is the cornerstone of being a responsible individual, and customers are urged not to disrupt the equitable shopping order by attempting fraudulent claims and working together to create a better society.

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