VIP Sea Freight / Economic Sea Freight

VIP High Speed Sea Freight Economic High Speed Sea Freight
Definition VIP sea freight shipping line goes through the proper customs clearance procedure hence the probability of confiscation of items is very low. Economic sea freight is a shipping line includes customs clearance and tax.
Advantage Very low probability of inspection and confiscation of items. Save 4% insurance fee
Speed High speed
Minimum Charge 5 kg
Pack Together These 2 freights can be packed together
Pickup Service Available
Insurance 4% None
Safe+ Available. Full compensation for missing or confiscated items Not available
Hour+ Get compensation if delay more than 18 working days (Not Including Sat & Sun and Public Holidays)

Q & A

Q:Are both "Economic sea freight" and "VIP sea freight" high speed sea freight?

A:Yes, both are high speed sea freight (Peninsular Malaysia only). Those who receive the parcels late will get compensation from "Hour+".

Q:What are the advantages of "BuyMall sea freight" compares to other shipping companies?

A:All parcels, regardless of payment settlement, will be shipped to Malaysia once received by China Sea Warehouse. There are two advantages of this method. Firstly, users are not rush to make payment since all parcels will be shipped back directly. Secondly, users do not need to worry about multi cartons issue since all of them are already in Malaysia. Users will receive them within few days upon payment.

Q:What are the drawbacks of "Economic sea freight"?

A:Since the customs clearance is through a "special channel", so the probability of the items being confiscated is slightly higher, and it "will not" enjoy the “Safe+" privilege of VIP sea freight.

Q:What are the differences between "Economic sea freight" and "VIP sea freight"?

A:The "Economic sea freight" service basically differs only in two ways:
1. You don't have to pay insurance fee for Economic sea freight;
2. You won't be able to enjoy the "Safe+” service by taking the Economic sea freight. The lost items will be claimed with a normal compensation.

Q: I don't know if I should choose "VIP sea freight" or "Economic sea freight".

A:If the items are expensive or rather sensitive items, BuyMall recommends you to take the "VIP sea freight" route; if the items are general items, you can choose the "Economic sea freight" route;

Q:How to use the route of the sea freight that I want?

A:You just have to send the items to the sea freight warehouse that you want! When entering order details in to BuyMall’s system, you don’t have to specify which sea freight service to use. The system will automatically detect which warehouse the items are sent to.

Q:Can the orders from Economic sea freight and VIP sea freight be packed together?

A:Yes. Since all items are packed after they arrive at the BuyMall’s Malaysia warehouse, so items from two different routes can be packed together. The system will automatically calculate: the orders of VIP sea freight will incur a 4% insurance fee while the orders of economic sea freight won't.

Q:Can I choose which route of the sea freight to take for Buy-For-Me order?

A:Insurance fee is included in the 8% Buy-For-Me Fee, so all the Buy-For-Me items will be shipped through the VIP sea freight channel.

Q: Do VIP Sea Freight and Economic Sea Freight provide unpacking services?

A: VIP Sea Freight and Economic Sea Freight do not provide unpacking services.

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