About BuyMall

BuyMall is a subsidiary of Revenue Group Berhad (0200) that focuses on the B2C e-commerce business. In BuyMall, we believe deeply in innovation and utilizing technology, all our businesses run on our proprietary software and technology. This has enabled us to grow and maintain our competitive advantage against the industry-peers.

We have 13 years of experience in the shipping industry. We have been engaged in the transportation industry, helping enterprises and shoppers to transport variety of products from China to Malaysia. BuyMall has grown rapidly into the two major line of business: e-Commerce and e-Commerce Solution. In the e-Commerce business, BuyMall manages two of its own e-commerce platforms, www.buymall.com.my and www.bizship.com.my.

BuyMall, www.buymall.com.my, is the largest Taobao shopping partner in Malaysia that has processed over 5 million of parcels to date. On the other hand, www.bizship.com.my, is the first ever digital freight forwarding and 3PL service provider in Malaysia. Since our inception in 2014, BuyMall Buy-For-Me and Ship-For-Me have been operating for 6 years and have served over 200,000 users. BuyMall is a fast growing, young and energetic team that is constantly aiming to expand and achieve bigger goals and dreams year after year.

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