BuyMall "Hour+" | A promise of sea freight shipping in 18 days, we give compensation if it’s delayed!

What is "Hour+"?

High speed sea freight has always been the main service of BuyMall. In order to protect your best interest, BuyMall has decided to launch Hour+! BuyMall’s sea freight shipping promises you that you’d receive your parcel within "18" working days, and if there is any delay, you will receive a compensation of MYR 1 per day!
Delayed transportation? Problems during shipment? Customs inspection? All will be covered! As long as it’s more than "18" working days, you get the ultimate compensation of MYR 1 per day! BuyMall even promises you to make the corresponding compensation within an hour (working day) without any delay! This is our absolute confidence on the speed of BuyMall sea freight. Again, it is the first ever in the industry providing transportation on time guarantee service.


June 1 – Payment made for the sea freight parcel
June 2 – Start calculating 18 days (first day)

**June 8 – Public holiday (will not included)

June 26 – (18th day) If the parcel is received on that very day, it means BuyMall has fulfilled the responsibility of delivery on time
June 29 – (19th day) If the parcel is received one day later than the expected date, BuyMall would have to compensate MYR 1
July 6 – (24th Day) If the parcel is received 5 days later than the expected date,, BuyMall would have to compensate MYR 6

Terms and conditions of "Hour+"

1. Sea freight parcels that arrive later than 18 working days are entitled to Hour+ compensation (excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays where customs and couriers are not working)

2. Sea freight parcels paid between the timeline below are not entitled to Hour+ Compensation:
A. 25 Days before Chinese New Year to end of Chinese New Year
B. 12th Nov – 11th Dec every year

3. The BuyMall 18-working day sea freight promise is calculated from the second day of the "parcel payment" until the day (included) the parcel is received. If the domestic transportation companies could not successfully deliver the items in the first delivery because of the customer (eg.: no one at home to sign for the parcel), BuyMall will take the "first delivery" date as the date receiving the item.

4. For those who chose pickup service for the sea freight parcel, the time limit is "within 1 working days" after BuyMall finished packaging (customer will receive a mail notification).
Eg.: Payment is made on June 1 - BuyMall finished packaging on June 26:
If customer pickup on June 26, it means BuyMall has fulfilled the responsibility of delivery on time
If customer pickup on June 29, the compensation will be MYR 1
If customer pickup on or after June 30, the compensation will be MYR 1

5. The maximum amount of Hour+ compensation is not more than the sea freight nett shipping fee (deduct any discount and does not include the Buy-For-Me fee, storage fee, etc.).

6. If the parcel is received on the 18th working day onwards, the customer will have to contact BuyMall customer service to inform about the parcel number, payment date and the date sign for the parcel. BuyMall will make confirmation within an hour (working day) and directly transfer the compensation into the BuyMall account of the customer (Note: This compensation cannot be exchanged for cash or transfered).

7. The Hour+ will be invalid if the parcels are signed for more than 30 days, no corresponding compensation will be made.

8. This service is only for "VIP sea freight" and "economic sea freight".

9. Hour+ is not available for parcels with separated packaging.

10. Start date is counted from the day of payment or the date of any changes such as adding orders etc.

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