What is Hour+?

Hour+ is a service introduced by BuyMall, emphasizing our commitment to efficient high-speed sea freight. BuyMall guarantees delivery within 18 working days through high-speed sea shipping, and in case of any delays, they offer compensation. For each day beyond the promised period, a compensation of MYR 1 will be provided.

Calculation Method: The calculation starts from the next working day after the payment for the sea freight package and extends to the day of delivery or the issuance of the pickup notification. Compensation is applicable for delays exceeding 18 working days.

Example Explanation:

  • June 1 – Payment made for the sea freight parcel
  • June 2 – Start calculating 18 days (first day)
  • ...
  • June 8 – Public holiday (not included in the calculation)
  • ...
  • June 26 – (18th day) If the parcel is received on that day, it means BuyMall has fulfilled the responsibility of delivering on time
  • June 29 – (19th day) If the parcel is received one day later than the expected date, BuyMall would have to compensate MYR 1
  • July 6 – (24th day) If the parcel is received 5 days later than the expected date, BuyMall would have to compensate MYR 6

Terms and Conditions:

Coverage: The Hour+ applies only to West Malaysia sea freight parcels.

Calculation Period: The commitment period for the Hour+ is from the second working day after the parcel payment to the day of received (inclusive). Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays in the Klang Valley are excluded from the calculation.

Non-Applicable Periods: The Hour+ does not apply during the Lunar New Year and the 25 days leading up to it, as well as for parcels paid for between November 11th and December 12th (11.11/12.12 period).

Delivery Date: If the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful due to customer reasons, BuyMall considers the date of the initial delivery attempt as the received date. For pickup parcels, the date of the pickup notification is considered the received date.

Compensation Cap: The maximum compensation for delays is capped at the shipping fee paid for the sea freight parcel, excluding additional fees such as Buy-For-Me fees and storage fees.

Compensation Process: If a parcel is received after 18 working days, the user must contact BuyMall customer service, providing the parcel ID and the received date. BuyMall will verify within one working day and directly transfer the compensation to the user's BuyMall wallet (Note: This compensation is non-cashout or transferable).

Validity Period: If the sea freight parcel is received more than 30 days after signing, the Hour+ becomes invalid, and no compensation can be claimed.

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