Claim / Compensation

In the event of loss during shipment due to BuyMall's reasons, the following compensation will be provided:

Compensation Criteria:

1. Buy-For-Me Items: If lost during shipment due to BuyMall's reasons, BuyMall will provide full compensation for the item's price. Click to learn about Safe+. (Note: Buy-For-Me fees will not be refunded.)

2. Ship-For-Me Items: Compensation will be based on the declared value of the items, with a maximum compensation of 3 times the shipping cost. Full coverage is available with insurance; in case of loss due to BuyMall's reasons during shipment, full compensation for the item's price will be granted. Click to learn about Safe+. (Note: Shipping fees will not be refunded.)

Terms and Conditions:

For damages, quality issues, rodent damage, or other losses caused by accidents, users are responsible, and BuyMall is not liable. Ensure proper packaging protection by the seller (such as using wooden frames/bubble wrap).

BuyMall does not compensate for parcel loss, damage, and delay caused by reasons other than BuyMall. BuyMall is not liable for indirect losses and unrealized profits.

If the parcels or items are confiscated by customs, BuyMall will compensate based on the declared value of the items.

In the case of wrong items, incorrect sizes or colours sent by the seller for Buy-For-Me items, we will assist customers in negotiating compensation with the seller. The final compensation amount is determined by the seller, and BuyMall is not responsible for paying the full amount or making up the difference. Note that Xianyu orders cannot enjoy after-sales service; once the parcel is received and updated in the BuyMall system, no responsibility or compensation for the price difference will be assumed.

Claims Application Process:

Within 3 days (72 hours) after receiving the parcel, please provide complete information to customer service, including photos of all sides of the parcel, photos of the electronic scale showing the weight, photos of the Malaysian waybill, the tracking number for missing items, and proof of purchase for the items. BuyMall will investigate, and if warehouse or courier loss is confirmed, the amount on the proof of purchase will be used as the compensation standard. Late submissions will not be accepted.

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