BuyMall high speed sea freight

BuyMall uses high speed sea freight, and it takes within 7 days for the ship to arrive at Malaysia’s port!

Air freight General sea freight BuyMall high speed sea freight
Lead time About 10 days About 25 days About 18 days
Shipping fee More expensive in kilograms More cost effective in volumetric weight More cost effective in volumetric weight
Sensitive item fee Extra charge Depending on the company Regardless of sensitive items
Minimum requirement - - From 0.5 cubic meter From 0.003 cubic meter (small parcel)
Price-performance ratio Medium (High shipping fee, cannot buy sensitive items) Medium High (Low shipping fee, similar to the speed of air freight)

Why is BuyMall faster compared to the usual sea freight?

Over the past 13 years, we have been engaged in the transportation industry, helping enterprises and companies to transport raw materials and commodities, etc. from China to Malaysia. Therefore, we have accumulated a certain amount of cargo capacity, and we can send out parcels to Malaysia every day.

While the usual purchasing companies send out parcels through third-party transportation company, so they have to wait for the transportation company to arrange the time and a certain amount of items so that the items can go on board. Since we are buying the items for you through our own transportation company, we can immediately make arrangement for the shipment to Malaysia.

Relatively speaking, our shipping speed is sure to be faster than other purchasing companies. Plus, BuyMall has launched the “Safe+”. Did your sea freight parcels went missing? You get full compensation! (For more info, please refer here). This is why you should choose BuyMall services: Reliable, safe and quick.

* High speed sea freight will certainly be slow from November to December because customs will conduct strict inspection at the end of the year
* Those in Klang valley area generally receive the items in 15-18 working days. If the items are sent to other states of Peninsular Malaysia, it would take another 3-7 working days for delivery.
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