11.11 Crazy Sale:

Buymall Birthday Promotion!
The greatest sale of the year is back again in November! Are you ready for the 11.11 crazy sale?! There are lots of promotions and rewards waiting for you to grab this month.
11.11 Pre-Order
You don't have to worry about missing out on the sale. You don't even need to wait for the 11.11 sales day to come. Start your pre-order from 3/11/2021 - 10/11/2021. We will place your order for you only when 11.11 midnight sales start!
100% OFF Buy-For-Me Service Fee
You may be the lucky one to stand a chance to get 100% off your Buy-For-Me fee when you make a Buy-For-Me order during November.
3X Bpoint
Make sure to grab this opportunity as every parcel created and paid on November 11 will be given 3X Bpoint reward.
2X Taobao Cashback Bpoint
Use BuyMall Taobao Cashback on the Taobao website and grab our 2X Taobao Cashback Bpoint reward during November.
RM10 OFF Voucher
Get a chance to grab an RM10 discount voucher when you spend more than RM250 on your parcel Buy-For-Me item price during November.
Log-in Daily Reward
Come and check in daily at BuyMall from 1/11/2021 - 11/11/2021 accumulate 11 days to grab a chance to get random vouchers ready just for you.
  1. All orders should be submit and pay into the 11.11 shopping cart before 10pm on 10th November.
  2. Check the box of Add to 11.11 shopping cart (Yellow part of the picture on the left)
  3. Decide your "Max. Price" What is Max. Price
  4. Click “Add to Cart”, make payment then sit back and relax!
  • - Minimum unit price per item is MYR 25
  • - Ordering duration: 12am-3am & 10am-5pm
  • - Orders will be canceled without prior notice if (1) Max. Price is LOWER than final price of item or (2) Ordering info is not complete
  • - Orders will be handled on a first come, first serve basis. Orders submit and pay on 11.11 might not be handled within 11.11, but we will continue the ordering the following working day.

Come HERE every day to check-in and get your voucher reward!

Date: 1/11/2021 - 11/11/2021

You will receive a random voucher if you check in accumulated 11 days.


How to use BuyMall?

  1. 想要淘宝,但不知如何下单?怎么支付人民币?不用烦恼!BuyMall 代购帮您解决


    Having trouble to place an order in China? How to pay in TWD? No sweat! Leave it to our Buy-For-Me. Now you can send your merchandise to our China warehouse by our Ship-For-Me.

    How to Buy-For-Me

  2. 商品抵达 BuyMall 仓库后,您将收到 Email 通知。在累积了一定的数量,您就可以在系统请求打包发货,我们会根据您的清单一并打包


    You will receive an email notification once the item arrives at the BuyMall warehouse. After a certain amount has been accumulated, you may package the shipment by requesting it in the system, and we will pack it according to your list.

    How to Ship-For-Me

  3. BuyMall 将根据您的运输选择,通过 BuyMall 优质的空运、海运服务,以最快的速度将包裹安全地交到您的手中


    Finally, BuyMall will safely deliver your parcels into your hands at the fastest speed possible through BuyMall's excellent air and sea freight services based on your shipping options.

    Freight calculation

Why choose BuyMall?

Same day ordering

No worries about the international currency issues. All orders will be processed and placed within 1 working day

Free storage

Free storage for up to 45 days, accumulate a certain volume and quantity of items, pack them to send out together would be more cost-effective

Price Advantage

With our direct flights and daily container loads, we are able to provide a speedy yet affordable service.


In BuyMall, we believe in providing the best service with our professional team, your hassle-free shopping experience is our utmost priority.

BuyMall China Transport

China Air Freight


First 1 kg

Subsequent 1 kg

Pickup Point
MYR 15 From MYR 7.50/0.5kg
MYR 19 From MYR 8.00/0.5kg

China Sea Freight



Pickup Point
From MYR 3.00 / kg
First 5kg: MYR 25.00
Subsequent kg: MYR 4.00 /kg

Please click here to know details
Weight (kg)
Length (cm)
Width (cm)
Height (cm)

199875 users trust BuyMall for their overseas purchase

  • Superb customer service team! Very quick in replying my questions through live chat! Now they even have a message board, I can just drop my questions there and will get a reply in a few hours or next day. Thank you Buymall customer service team, you guys are great!
    Never have I encountered a logistics company who would compensate full in the case of lost items. There was once, a chair I purchased was lost during transshipment, after 2 weeks of investigation, they really compensate me in full! Thank you Buymall, I will continue to support you!
    Buymall sea service surpasses 18 days, I even get compensation, one of my shipment arrives 25 days and I get RM 7 compensation right away! It's already 25% of my shipment fee, wonder if they lose money on this. Anyways, I hope Buymall can keep up the good work they have been doing.
  • Buymall finally got their own apps, it's super convenient! Few years back they only have desktop version and it's not very convenient, now they have their own app and a mobile friendly version of their webpage, super nice! Looking forward to more surprise Buymall brings!
    I was introduced by a friend to use Buymall, and everyone I introduce to Buymall, I will also get rewards. I have been using Buymall for 2 years now and they are introducing more and more service, but the quality remains! I am already at Helmsman level now, will get rebate every time I use their service, buy more save more!
    The biggest problem I face with e-commerce is that no one will be at home during working hours. So, I always have to go to Poslaju to get my parcels. That is why Buymall pickup service is perfect for me! I can always have it send to a point near my work place and go pick it up after work! What's more? The fee for pickup is about 50% cheaper compared to having the parcels sent to home!

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