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How to use Buymall?

As Malaysia’s leading Taobao agent, we make it easier for you to purchase products from Taobao through our English website interface as well as English customer support services. And not just that, we offer a number of convenient payment methods and budget friendly shipping rate. We are your trusted shopping agent when you need to purchase Chinese products online. Our sea freight services, warehousing, quality inspections and local delivery of parcels is the best in the industry.

  1. Having trouble to place an order on Taobao? How to pay in RMB? No sweat! Leave it to BuyMall buy-for-me


    Search for the products on, all our items are linked directly with Taobao. Place your order and we will process your order within 1 working day!

  2. After a certain amount has been accumulated, you may package the shipment by requesting it in the system, and we will pack it according to your list


    You will receive an email notification once the item arrives at BuyMall warehouse. After a certain number of item have been accumulated, you may consolidate the shipment by requesting it in our system, and we will pack according to your list.

  3. BuyMall will safely deliver your parcels  into your hands at the fastest speed possible through BuyMall's excellent air and sea freight services based on your shipping options


    Finally, we will safely deliver your parcels into your hands at the fastest speed possible through BuyMall's excellent air and sea freight services based on your shipping preference.

Why choose Buymall?

Same day ordering

No worries about the international currency issues. All orders will be processed and placed within 1 working day

Free storage

Free storage for up to 45 days, accumulate a certain volume and quantity of items, pack them to send out together would be more cost-effective


Missing Sea Freight parcel? Don't worry! Buy insurance for your parcel, you can get full compensation *

High speed sea freight

BuyMall high speed Sea Freight, ship the parcel to you in 18 days *


It’s BuyMall’s promise of Sea Freight shipping in "18" days, we give compensation if it’s delayed! *

Pickup service

Don’t want to pay the local delivery fee? Go to one out of the 30+ BuyMall pickup spots, shipping fee starts from RM 12.00

* Limited to China Parcel only

BuyMall High Speed Sea Freight

Taobao Official Sea Freight Other Company Sea Freight BuyMall High Speed Sea Freight
Lead time About 25 days About 25 days About 18 days *
SST Subject to 6% No SST No SST
Sensitive item fee Not allowed Depends on the company Regardless of sensitive items
Free storage 10 days 30 days 45 days
Minimum requirement 0.5 m3 0.3 m3 0.003
Price-performance ratio Medium Medium High
* Buymall high speed sea freight takes more time at beginning and ending of year due to strict custom checking
Product Type
Weight (kg)
Size (cm)
x x

Get compensation for delay!

In the entire routine of Sea Freight, the speed of signing and packaging can effectively be controlled by BuyMall; We understand that the required time for clearance procedures depends on the customs as well as the efficiency of the local delivery. This may result in unwanted delays for users to receive their parcels. Fortunately, it is BuyMall’s Hour+ promise of Sea Freight shipping in 18 days, where a day of delay means you will be compensated RM 1!

* This service is only available for China Sea Freight

199875 users trust BuyMall for their overseas purchase

  • Superb customer service team! Very quick in replying my questions through live chat! Now they even have a message board, I can just drop my questions there and will get a reply in a few hours or next day. Thank you Buymall customer service team, you guys are great!
    Never have I encountered a logistics company who would compensate full in the case of lost items. There was once, a chair I purchased was lost during transshipment, after 2 weeks of investigation, they really compensate me in full! Thank you Buymall, I will continue to support you!
    Buymall sea service surpasses 18 days, I even get compensation, one of my shipment arrives 25 days and I get RM 7 compensation right away! It's already 25% of my shipment fee, wonder if they lose money on this. Anyways, I hope Buymall can keep up the good work they have been doing.
  • Buymall finally got their own apps, it's super convenient! Few years back they only have desktop version and it's not very convenient, now they have their own app and a mobile friendly version of their webpage, super nice! Looking forward to more surprise Buymall brings!
    I was introduced by a friend to use Buymall, and everyone I introduce to Buymall, I will also get rewards. I have been using Buymall for 2 years now and they are introducing more and more service, but the quality remains! I am already at Helmsman level now, will get rebate every time I use their service, buy more save more!
    The biggest problem I face with e-commerce is that no one will be at home during working hours. So, I always have to go to Poslaju to get my parcels. That is why Buymall pickup service is perfect for me! I can always have it send to a point near my work place and go pick it up after work! What's more? The fee for pickup is about 50% cheaper compared to having the parcels sent to home!

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Malaysia's BEST Shopping Partner

Malaysia's BEST Shopping Partner